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Shehan Seneviratne

Managing Director
SMS Holdings
The presence of intricate pavement art run far in the history of our country. During the time of the Dutch, the fort and other notable areas they built were embossed with it, and we walk on them even today. When we entered the market in 2001, interlocking pavement stones were not a common sight in Sri Lanka. At the time, it was mostly imported from India and a costly affair sold with high margins and therefore, only visible in a very few places such as petrol sheds. The beauty and diversity in the colours and shapes that we see today, were not available then. Once we started manufacturing it and supplying it, these stones started to appear in many locations and people began to notice it and suddenly, these stones started beautifying the pavements, walking paths and public areas we use daily!

18 Years Of paving the way for a remarkable journey



To be the most innovative and pre-eminent manufacturer of blacks and bricks by exploring opportunities in emerging markets.


To be a customer focused company who could provide returns on investments for our shareholders by facilitating and motivating employees to give of their best and remain focused on our social responsibilities.

We began operations in 2001 with one machine and three employees. The very first stone we made, broke. Not only that, but all the stones we made on that day met with the same fate. It was very demotivating as the first trial but we kept on trying for a week and the results didn’t change. But we kept on trying. We persisted. We made modifications to our technology, our mixture, our methods, and finally, something struck! And we haven’t looked back since then.

The very first project we did was the petrol shed at the D.S. Senanayake junction. To this day, 17 years later, those stone blocks are still the way they were. It’s been ten years since we did the project at the Piliyandala and Pettah bus stands and I’m proud to say that, they’re still the same, even without any maintenance!

2008 was a particularly memorable year in our company history when two talented employees name 1 and name 2 designed and invented an automated paving block machine, which to this day, we use with modifications and alignments to reflect certain technology improvements.

I’m proud to say that after all these years, watching this enterprise grow to where we are today, has been an incredible experience. We’ve always had the need to manufacture a product that reflects international quality, which in turn, made us a sought-after supplier among our clients. Add to it our passion for new technology and great people to pioneer our vision, we’ve moulded a product and company culture that is able to keep up with the demands of our industry.

We are geared now more than ever to create and add value. We look forward to working with you to provide an excellent product and an efficient service that inspires you to create, innovate and evolve.


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Some of ourclients

  • Nuwani Construction
  • Commercial Bank
  • Sampath Bank
  • Tudawe Brothers
  • RDA
  • Sierra Construction
  • Maga Construction
  • Hayleys
  • Sanken Construction
  • Access Engineering

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